A Texan girl full of dreams and a passionate heart met an amazing Californian boy. We got married November 11, 2012 in Texas. You can read how we met here.

Gemma the cat was added to our family as a Christmas present in December 2012. She was the first of the many members to be added to our little family.

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We moved to California shortly after we both lost our jobs in Texas. After living in a basement for 6 months we finally moved to Reno. The same day we moved on June 8th 2013, we found out we were pregnant! This was a pleasant surprise as we had miscarried months before.

I became a stay at home wife, and was quite bored/lonely all the while being pregnant, so in September we adopted our second member of the family, Iris the puppy.


Fast track to four months later, and we finally got to introduce our 5th member of our family to the world. Our miracle, Jude. You can read his birth story here.

 As for what we are like?

Haley (Mom) : I am tattoo/art collector. I also am a nursing student. Yay for college! I am always being inspired by things around me for my next painting project as well as trying and mostly successfully making Pinterest projects. I believe in Jesus with my whole heart, and believe helping others truly makes a better life. I enjoy a good cup of coffee or glass of wine (some days more than others.) I enjoy getting a good sale/deal. Who doesn't, right? The ocean is my best pal, and I desperately want to move back to where I can be right next to it. That being said, I do love the mountains too. My family is my absolute world, where as when I was growing up, I never really cared about family. Never did I think I would become quite the "momma bear". I'd say I am your typical momma/wife with a little twist.

Reece (Papa) : He is probably the hardest worker I know. He goes to work for 11 hours a day most days. When he isn't working/providing for us (did I mention he's the best?) he loves fishing and watching tons of Netflix. He goes along with all my Pinterest projects gladly (most of the time). If it has anything to do with building something, he's pretty much down. He's an avid collector of music, and is always on the search for new music. He's a great dance partner as well. Most definitely has way more rhythm than I do. Also, the best Papa award goes to him. He loves our son, me, and our animals fiercely.
Gemma (kitty): If she isn't curled up next to me, she is hiding out or antagonizing the dog. She is a polydactyl cat, meaning she has seven toes on each paw. Makes for interesting conversation with company. She has been with us since the very beginning of our marriage and acts like a spoiled brat. We love her though, especially when she kills the mice or insects in our country home.

Iris (puppy): T-R-O-U-B-L-E is her middle name. Although she is sweet as can be, and really helped me through my pregnancy blues. She gets way too excited about company, and can't keep a toy intact for an hour... Needless to say, she's a little terror.
 Jude (baby boy): Probably the most exciting member of the family to me. He is usually getting into trouble. He loves to be outside, climb things, play with his trucks, read books, and overall he just likes being a toddler.
I love recording our moments here because one day we won't be these two, crazy, and young kids that started a family together.


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