Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To my sweet pea.

Dear sweet pea, 
I just wanted to let you know how much you are already loved. Daddy rubs my tummy all the time and tells you he loves you. It's so sweet. You now are growing a nose, eyes, ears, and chin. It honestly amazes me how much you're growing each week. My body is getting ready for you, and it is really painful. So painful, I had to get another pillow for my back; it's is worth it though! This week you have been craving eggs, broccoli, and taco bell... Why are you wanting gassy foods?! Daddy doesn't like that part much. Oh! Also, this week we were confirmed for the third time that you were real, and we will be able to see/hear you in a month! Too bad we won't be able to see what you are for one more month after that. I think you are going to be a girl, a beautiful girl! So, keep strong, and mommy is going to do her best to keep you safe as well. We love you more than you will ever know baby.


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