Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hi there.


It feels extremely weird and almost intimidating staring at this blank white screen again after a really long break from this blog. I can't really say sorry for neglecting this space though. I mean, the past few months have been completely refreshing for me. I mean.. sometimes a little boring but refreshing. Refreshing that my marriage is not only existing now, but it is thriving! Not only do I see Christ, but now I am seeking Christ. My heart is full!

Game at Applebee's where I drew us:)

I can literally feel my husband and I getting closer; we have had to hold on closer to each other because we aren't so close to family any more. Not only has our marriage started to thrive because of our trust in one another, but so has our love for Christ and community. We recently started really going to church again. You know, more than once in awhile. We have been going consistently with open hearts, and It has just done the most amazing things for us as a married couple. Today actually, we signed up for community groups (small groups that meet like a bible study once a week). I am really just so proud of my husband for stepping up... He usually loathes doing stuff like that where he doesn't know anyone. He feels awkward. Not today though, he just went up to the desk after church, and we signed up. WE are becoming a TEAM.

I am learning that where Law meets Grace is the cross. I am learning the true importance of the sacrifice that was made for me, and the love that went into it. I am learning LOVE. More so than I ever thought I could. I thought I was done learning really, and here I am again. I am here at the foot of the cross realizing that love just goes deeper and deeper. That I can never learn and master the art of Love on my own.

That's really what has been on my heart lately.

Get ready for tomorrow's post. Talk about Love.. The surprise that comes with tomorrow's post has got a lot of love that comes with it.


  1. This was such a beautifully inspiring piece to read to start off the week... thank you! So happy to hear that you and your hubby are bonding so much after moving away from family. You guys are a unit! <3

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  2. This is so awesome. So glad to hear all this.:)

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