Friday, July 5, 2013

Life just happening.

Honestly, I have really been a crappy blogger lately. I know, what you're saying right now. "Duh, you didn't have to tell me that.", and for that I really am sorry. 

You know that time in your life where life just really starts picking up speed, but at the same time you don't know how to put everything into words? That's me right now. The only reason I am even blogging right now is because I am sitting at my in-laws house with a little time to spare from the holidays. 
My flowers my AMAZING husband got me for my birthday.

I mean check it;

  • I was sick for awhile.
  • We moved into our apartment in Reno, and it's basically exceeded my expectations. I absolutely love where we live. Well, besides the massive heat wave... My poor flowers can't even stay out on the porch without me having to water them 3 times a day. :( Can I still do that? Emoticons? 
  • My Birthday happened. Oh ya the BIG 2 1! Honestly, I didn't do anything. Well, one thing, but that's a surprise that I am not ready to reveal yet.
  • The Holidays. I've been spending it surrounded by family and food. What could be better?
My sick view.

I may or may not be around for awhile. Sorry. Kinda. 

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