Monday, April 14, 2014

Wake up call

4/11- This morning my wake up call was at 4:40 AM, and it was to your spit up all over me… I went to pick you up because you were crying, and I noticed your hair was wet. “oh.. you’ve been laying in your spit up. Sorry bud. You can just come lay down in our bed.” At that moment, you spit up all over me and my shirt. So, laundry and a shower it is. After all that I was slightly annoyed until I was going through pictures of this week to find one for my next blog post on blogger, and these two caught my attention the most. I realized that even though this morning started out rough, I cant wait for the rest of the day! This week you have been all about learning new things, and every day to me is more amazing than the last. I love seeing you realize that you have feet, and that you do have a voice. (Even when you get sassy.) Your smile is contagious, and you are using it more and more.
I am ready to get this day going:)

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