Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 22, which is still young, I know. Man does it feel strange though. It seems like I should of turned 30 or something because I honestly just don't feel my age. I took a step back to evaluate things a bit after catching myself telling my father that we weren't doing anything special for my birthday, and that "it was just another day." I remember asking my dad every year what he was going to do on his birthday, and he would say the same thing, "It's just another day." I loathed that because as a kid, well up until this year apparently, birthdays were special to me. Suddenly they aren't? So here comes the re-evaluating part. I want things to become more special. I want to really live. I am tired of hanging around the house thinking "one day". Today is the day! (I am becoming Dr.Seuss as we speak apparently.) I want to explore my surroundings like never before, not only for myself but for my son. I want to make more art, and continue to be creative every day.
This is my goal to make 22 the best year.

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