Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ending a Special Kind of Relationship

I was ready to give up around month two. I felt like it was an inconvenience. I hated having to stop whatever I was doing to get everything situated every two hours and feed my son. I know, that sounds horrible. At 4 months I was trying to rush towards eating solids. I honestly NEVER expected to make it 6 months.

Now that I am here, I am so deeply saddened that this special kind of relationship is almost over. Now when we nurse, its almost more special to me now than it was in the beginning because I know he does it now mostly for comfort which I gladly give him. I love watching his little eyes close and slowly drift off to sleep. Its killing me to think we will soon be done.

All that being said though, I do LOVE this new eating stage we have going on where he eats his meals at the table with us.

He is so good about eating, and I love watching him try out new textures and flavors. I am sad, but I do think we are going to make it through all this. Together

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