Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I just want to see your cat videos

I am writing right now because I am actually very upset but also very confused by all my emotions. This is a super sensitive topic, and I may get all the hate in the world. I just need to say it. First off, this is NOT a white issue. I clearly see every bit of racism towards blacks in America. I understand that I will never have to feel the anxiety over letting my boy go out when he is a teenager. For the most part I know he will come home.

Here's the thing, as a white person, I am sick of feeling ashamed of being white. It's ludicrous that I have to feel intimidated by someone of a different color in fear of them treating me like I'm a weak white girl. This has happened to me Numerous times. I have been called racial slurs, and then could easily be turned around to be called the racist. I have numerous friends who are black (weird to me to even single them out that way), and I would stand arm and arm with to defend their rights. So I'm asking when... When do I get to be released from this "shame prison"? 200
+ years ago white people did horrible, unspeakable things which I recognize completely, and here I am today still having to hang my head for it. Isn't this what we are trying to overcome? Don't you want equality? Or just justice for blacks? The point here is not "oh poor me, I'm a white girl who burnt my tongue on my perfectly made starbucks latte boohoo". The point is EQUALITY. I truly want that for you! Can we just all do the same? See, when I see a black person on the street I don't automatically lock my car doors. You know what I do do? Lock my car doors when I see a scary, crack head. Black or white. Please for the sake of our future, stop seeing me as your "slave owner" because essentially that is how you are seeing me... With that same hatered like I am evil or something.

This is all jumbled.
All I want to really say is, I love you. Like Jesus does. I'm literally in tears right now because it truly makes me sad that a young man died. Know that I believe in your struggle and do not compare mine to yours. Know that I understand your protesting (peaceful protests), and that I stand with you. Know that I believe in change, and wish we could be friends to where all those dumb stereotype lines become blurred and eventually non-existent.

I believe in EQUALITY. In every sense of the word.

Random, jumbled up post brought to by Horrible Facebook Statuses and 3AM

ALSO as a note. I'm done with political posts on facebook. I'd much rather see your cat videos

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