Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The beginnings of the wedding

So we just wanted to keep everyone updated that the only details we know of is, that our wedding will be a winter wedding in Texas.. So, maybe not that cold;) Also, that our colors will be teal, and some compliment colors. We are going for the whole natural woodsy type of feel, so if you are wondering what you might need to wear, just stick to wintery Sunday best:) Also, we have been really thinking of the guest list, and we have decided to keep it really small, so we might do something with everyone else at another time. I think that it would be fun to have small groups of people over for dinner after the wedding:) 
As for the location, we are really looking at a place in Austin called The Mercury Hall at the time block of 3-8 . We think it's super darling. 
Also, today we went and did both of our registries! We are registered at Walmart and Target. We provided lots of variety with the prices and things, so have fun!
That is all for now. We love you all!:)

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