Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Update 7/7/2012 A little more figured out.

Just wanted to update everyone on all that is going on. 
We finished up our guest list, and since we will be paying for it, we had to make it really small. We found our wedding coordinator since we are moving, starting a ministry, and both work. She is so super nice, and is doing it for a discount! A huge one at that. 
The following things are the details we have figured out:
*Flowers- have to talk to my dad and new step mommy about this for their help!:)
*Cake- My good friend Abbe is helping me make the cake. The above cake is one of hers.
*Invitations- We will be making them. Above is an example of what we want.
*Videography-My friend BJ Stewart will be doing it
*Dress- pretty sure mom is making it
*Some decorations- Abbe has some 
So, if you have suggestions for a place, catering , photography, and decorations, comment or email me! Unless you have my number:)

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