Monday, February 11, 2013

Shower for thoughts

Below is a video of a baby shower I went to, and it was so cute! The picture above is the card I made, and let's just say I was super proud of it haha. It reminded me of how much Reece and I want a family. I guess, I wanted to take this opportunity to be honest, and say that we have discussed it, and we want a family. Even though it may not be the "right time" we still want it. So, along with that comes the struggle when it doesn't happen. I know it's all in the Lord's time, but I would really appreciate prayers for Reece and I. That we would learn to have patience (mostly me), and that when it doesn't happen we can remain positive and confident. It's been painful for me emotionally. I just have a REALLY bad case of baby fever. Encouraging words to me, and thoughtful prayers to God are welcomed. Love you all,

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