Friday, February 15, 2013

Love day 2013

         Today was the most perfect Valentine's Day of my entire 20 years. Quaint, but perfect.

Nothing was planned, but I guess planning isn't really our style. We found a patch of trees and snow to take pictures, but the sun wasn't that good. So, we ended up going to the park. It was nice feeling the sun again, and hearing a child laughing in the background. It made me think of the future, and how excited I am for it.

We then hopped in the truck because Reece had somewhere he wanted to take me. I got to get some dill pickle chips at the Greagle store. I love that store! It's so cute. Then, we weaved in and out of the mountains up to Johnsville. I remember being so scared of the turns. Not anymore! We ended up at the, now retired, ski lodge. It's so beautiful, and I loved the historic buildings there. Hopefully we will go back there soon to go sledding.

The sun began to go down so we walked back down to the car. We ended our day with Chinese food and Netflix. Sounds lame, but that is what we like. I know I say it all of the time, but I really do love this man. With every fiber of my being. He truly challenges me to be a better person, and makes me love and love hard. I am so thankful for his unconditional love. And when I say unconditional love, I really mean unconditional. I see Christ in him, and what a sight I see. 

To all of my family, blood, and makeshift, I love you so dearly. Being here has made me question myself and grow. I bask in this beauty every single day, and I am in awe of the Lord's creation, His Love. Which in return has taught me even more how to love. I know it seems cheesy to be confessing my love for you now, on Valentine's day, but it is so true. My heart is so light and giddy. I miss y'all. (Yes, I still say "y'all". I am not going to lose it!), and I hope to see you again. You all have made me who I am, and for that I am so very thankful. 

BJ, Daniela, Roy, Allen, Joseph, Elyssa, Abbe, and Micheal, you guys are the best friends I could ask for. Wish you could be here.

If you are checking on me, Mom and Dad, I miss you. I love you, and I am sorry. Still your little girl.

Now, that I have officially made the most sappiest post in the world, I am going to finish up on some editing. Again, I LOVE Y'ALL! 


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