Thursday, February 21, 2013

Presidents Day 2013

The in-laws, husband, and I took a field trip on Monday to Virginia City, NV. Those of you haven't been, need to go.

It's a cute, what started off as a mining town, and now, historic town. I honestly cannot get enough of the history. 

(I know this isn't the best photo, but you get the gist.)
Anyway, we went to a bunch of cute little shops, and took a lot of random, silly pictures.

And we ate at the Bonanza Cafe which was alright, but check out their view!

After walking down the whole "strip", we loaded back up in the truck, and ran a few errands (Michael's for supplies for my aquamarine quartz necklace I am going to make. eeee! Thank you mama and papa for buying me that by the way.) We headed back to Reno to try this French restaurant we wanted to try. It was so much fun, because my Father in-law taught me some French words, and how to eat like a French person (He lived in France for... two years.. I believe. Don't quote me on that:]) 

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I also got to take photos with my father in-laws Nikon. Eeee again. haha.

Here are a few more photos:

Old train caboose I believe.

Papa in a random store. He looked deep in thought, and I thought it would be a good photo.

and me. With an animal in a store. Why am I not surprised? :)

Anyway, that was our day on President's Day 2013. Happy Ruler of USA day...

Love you.

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