Wednesday, March 13, 2013

3.13.13 Update.

1. In case you didn't notice, I changed my hair up.. like crazy.

2. It was spontaneous, and I love it. Although, I'm thinking in a month or so I might bleach it all over again (after some deep conditioning and protein), and then just put my regular red in because I need a job!

3.Reece got a somewhat promising job offer. (PRAY PRAY PRAY) Funny how this happens the day after I wrote in my prayer journal. Now tell me God isn't real! 

4.  I'm starting my journey to losing 45-50 pounds as of today. This is not just because I want to be tiny, because I do, but also for when I do get pregnant, and everything is good. The more I can do to have less complications!

5. Speaking of baby, We went in for my last blood draw today, and the doctor told us what we already knew, but we weren't upset. Good news is all is clear, and in two months we can start trying again.

6.Which we will... As soon as at least one of us has a job.

7. Which brings me to, I kind of want to start selling my paintings, little doodles, crafty things on an Etsy. I just have no idea how to start.

8.Which leads me to the last of all these random points, IF you know anything about either A.Losing weight and/or  B.Starting a small business... drop a line. I'll take your tips.

9. is my email.

10. I really just can't stand having a list end at 9, so I'm just babbling on this one. 

I love you all.. and this is just a small update. 

PS. I forgot to mention that I'll be in Texas April 3rd, (in previous post) and all I'll be staying till the 10th! AH! I can't believe it's happening:]

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