Thursday, March 14, 2013

Olive oil & Sea Salt

For all of you that have every wondered if the warm olive oil makes your hair feel and look awesome, and if detox baths (2 cups sea salt, 2 cups baking soda) actually work.. Well I'm just letting y'all know that I did both last night, and yes! It works.

I slathered the olive oil on my roots first and then went to the rest of my hair. I really had no step- by- step way of doing it. Just kind of did it.

And while I let that soak while I soaked! In the bath. ha ha. My skin instantly was super silky as I got into the bath. Also, I could only sit in it for 10 minutes because I was sweating bullets already. All the toxins were leaving my body! Anyway, it leaves your skin all nice, and you just kind of all over feel good. Plus, the sleep is amazing afterwards. I've read you can do it daily if you want.

For the hair, I just let it air dry (which is what I normally do) after shampooing it to get the olive oil out, and when I woke up.... I was in love.. literally swooning over my silky, soft hair right now. 

Waking up 3:40 pm isn't that terrible, right? Well I'm glad it isn't because that's what I did. Woke up to a voice mail from Reece saying that his interview went well (Yay! Thank you for your prayers), and then I decided I should wake up and actually eat.

So, eggs in a basket (egg cracked into a hole in a piece of bread) with cheese, and spinach. Top everything off with a banana, milk, and a harry potter marathon? I am a happy girl. Plus my husband will be home soon!

I love all of you!

PS. I know I have been blogging a lot, but it's been helping me get through things. Thank you for enduring all these super random, possibly boring blogs.:)

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