Friday, March 29, 2013

Day of Pictures.

1)I hopped on the scale this morning to see the number I have been working for this week! Woot! 39 pounds to go.
2&3)It may look gross, but that oatmeal, tspn of peanut butter,banana, and pinch of salt seriously was so delicious. Especially because I was watching Harry Potter. It was a pretty good morning.

I got this in my email. Pretty exciting because this is the next step to getting into school!

5&6) I sneezed a billion times, and just wanted to stay in bed (I feel a cold coming on), but I had to get bills done>:(
 7&8) Then I had to start packing. The two things I hate the most in packing, transferring soap into travel size, and my kitty protesting.

9&10) Then I made this jewelry hanger thing after doing laundry.
I'd say it was a productive day.

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