Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY Jewelry hanger.

I got this little gem off of Pinterest. I have really been trying to make things off of my Pinterest lately so here is a product of that! I'll just link the tutorial on this post, and tell you my funnies from making this project. For tutorial click here

This is hers.

This is mine.
Ya, hers is a little prettier than mine, but where the crap did she find such a perfect stick? Up here in Northern California all the trees/sticks I could find had sap all over them! 

So, picture this; I'm in these Spandex looking Ever last shorts, ratty t shirt  hair in bun, no makeup, Crazy colored rain boots, with a freaking machete type thing. I was truckin' through the woods like this. I have become my mother. (No offense mommy, but seriously.. you do that:p)
Finally I find a branch suitable for me, and I start trying to chop it down. Mother trucker wouldn't chop! Just all liquidy and gross! I literally bent the stupid thing all the way down to get it to snap. Nope, bend it the other way. Nope. I looked at it and said, "Well, aren't you flexible?" (Yes, I guess I am resorting to talking to trees. *cough*my mother again.*cough*) 
I finally got the sucker chopped, spray painted, and screwed. (Screws were a challenge too.)
Wrapped wire around that thing, hung it up on my wall, put the necklaces on it, and called it a day. 
Can I take a nap now? I promise I've done laundry and all that stuff that makes me not look like I'm lazy.

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  1. You did awesome! I love it. You inspire me I need to take a stab at my Pinterest project like for real.