Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

The beginning of our day wasn't too exciting. We did the usual Sunday lunch/dinner at grandma's, BUT we left early because we had other plans.

To go bike riding!

We ended up five or six miles down the road to one of my husband's favorite child hood spots. Super cool to see that. He even helped me learn how to skip rocks! (With the whole arm around my body like they do in the movies too.)

(Caught him!)

Here are a few scenery photos I took too. Mind you, all on an Iphone, but the sun rays were really catching!



 And then some photos of us!

By the time we were heading back it started raining on us, and super cold wind was hitting our faces.
My face was super red and was burning!
(My sad/red face.)

When we got home I made us some soup, and we cuddled up next to each other.
I don't think I would of spent Easter of 2013 any other way besides strengthing my marriage. Which in the end symbolizes Christ and the church. I don't care if that is cheesy because I really do enjoy getting to spend time with the man that the Lord has chosen for me. We really needed this time too.

Anyway, that was our day. What did you do?

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