Thursday, March 21, 2013


Hey there, how's it going?

I miss ya'll. 

Today.. was productive. Reece got his employee packet for Basalite (<----That link goes to their website. It's a brick place.. not too exciting, but for $12 and hour? We will take it!)
I've been applying like CAAARAAAZZAAYY to everywhere. In the mean time while I don't have a job... I'll be possibly going to  the Paul Mitchell school in Reno! Very excited. I have my tour and interview on Tuesday. Woot! School is really happening for me. 

Really that is all that is happening in our little world. I know it isn't much, but man, I am so thankful that things are looking up a little bit! Hopefully we will have all our debt paid off, and we can move to Reno in a few months. ( A five minute drive to work/school will be soooo much easier than a hour drive from deep in the mountains where we live.) 

Oh, and for those of you that wanted to know what Living Stones is click here
It's awesome! I can't wait to go this Sunday!
So, now that I have told you what's going on, you tell me. On here, or an email.

I love you!

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