Monday, March 18, 2013

Normal Way of Things

So, recently we have gotten back in the swing of things. Back to searching for jobs constantly and found a church. YES! Hopefully, Reece will get the job! I have been applying to a lot of places in Reno too. 

Also, I applied to the Paul Mitchell school in Reno. Weird and Random, but I've been interested in cosmetology for awhile. I'm going to set up a tour and interview soon. 

AND I'm trying to get all the things on my to do list done before I go to Texas. So, so far I've done my wedding card book, chalkboard, and I am working on turning my boot leg pants into skinny jeans. Woo! So, if you read this, keep me to it!

Anyway, to the church subject.. I am so so so thankful we ended up going to Living Stones in Reno.. It's the one place I have been after going to UoF that I felt at home. I absolutely loved it, and so did Reece.
I had a conversation with God during the service that kinda went like this; 

God: So.. is this church all that you wanted?
Me: yes... I know I know.. patience
God: There you go..
Me: Thank you so much.

I basically spiritually skulked into a corner like a little kid because I know better than not to have patience and trust in God.
 So, here I am. So thankful. 

Oh and I got a picture today of a necklace that my dear friend Abbe made for me, and I teared up a bit when I saw it.

So, lovely right? She is so sweet. 
Anyway, there you go!
I love all of you.

Ps. like 16 days until I am in the deep south!:)

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