Friday, March 22, 2013


Okay, so today.. was great. Woke up kind of late, because yesterday was the longest day ever. We headed to Subway after I put a load of clothes in the washer. After that we went out to Lake Davis. Which looks something like this,

Except this was found online. Just add a little bit of ice in the front, and you've got Lake Davis on 3/22/2013!
We kind of went on an adventure, but then we came to a stream that I am too short to cross. (Don't laugh. I know I'm short!) 

So, anyway, to get to the point. I had wet pants/shoes, so we ended up going back home after. When I got home the laundry was done, so I folded and put everything away. Then I had this conversation with myself;
"How is that I am awesome at everything else that has to do with being a housewife? I am freaking superwoman at cooking, organizing, laundry, and cleaning. EXCEPT I can't sew.. "

Backstory: I tried sewing this shirt together last night, and it ended up just being a tangled mess.

I honestly.. just can't do it. Even with a sewing machine.. I mess it up every time. I swear it's like witchcraft. I end up just throwing the thing I'm trying to sew on the ground in defeat. I want to learn how to sew before I have a child.. but.. GRRRR..
Lord, give me patience.

There is my rant.
I hate sewing.
or lack of rather.

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