Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Music 3/25/2013

Every Monday I am going to try and put up 10 new songs/albums/band I am really digging. I want to do this, so that way I can remember to stop and explore music more. It truly gives me joy, and I always forget that.

1. Adoration by Forever Jones.
I just love this song so much. It's such a heart cry to the Lord. Just telling Him how much she loves Him. Plus, the melodies and harmonies.. oh man.

2. Literally anything from Mumford and Sons.
Seriously Ugh.. I just can't get over how much I love them. Awake my soul, The Cave, Hopeless Wanderer are all really good, and tug on the heart strings.

3. Blue Skies by Noah and the Whale.
It's such a good pick me up song. I mean the first line is, "This is a song for any one with a broken heart. This is a song for anyone can't get out of bed." 

4.Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World.
I have had this one on my Ipod for awhile, but I recently just started digging it.

5. Cherokee by Cat Power
I will admit for awhile I only knew Sea of Love by Cat Power, so I decided to branch out, and I really actually dig her. She sounds very different in each song.

6. Ill Scarlet's album All Day With It.
The whole thing. Granted it's a little old, they aren't very known, and I just kind of rediscovered them. I used to play number 9 Paradise Burning on repeat my senior year. They are like rock/reggae

7. Twelve Foot Ninja.. Mother Sky & Coming for you.
Both really good songs from the same album. I need to listen to the whole album because.. well they are just so awesome.

8. The Maine's album Pioneer.
Ya, I am really late on this one, a year late, but HOLY! John O's voice.. The whole album just shows their growth musically. I love these guys. Die hard fan since 08'.

9. Now by Paramore.
It's their new single, and at first.. I didn't like it. Now I freaking dig it. Here you go, just because it's an awesome video

10. The Earth is Yours by Gungor.
I just.. love Gungor.. what can I say?

There you go! If you enjoyed this post, and want to encourage me to do more, comment below!
Also, comment below on what your enjoying lately.

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