Monday, March 25, 2013

Air mattress Leak

So, as long as I have been with my husband we have pretty much always slept on an air mattress. I know how trashy that sounds, but when you have moved 3 times that amounted to 4,000 miles, you would understand. What won't fit in your car, doesn't go! So, we just would buy air mattresses and ditch them when we moved. 

Well here is the problem, it never fails.. The air mattress always dies on us haha. Mostly, I am sure, comes from being used daily when its not really supposed to be, but whatever. 

So, anyway, today our beloved air mattress of 3 months died. It was a super nice one too. His parents had this weird Ikea bed that we brought down to the basement, (now we sound like creepy basement dwellers) and I think I like it more!

It's shorter, so the kitty cat can't jump on our dresser and knock every freaking thing down every freaking morning. Also, it's more stable. 
Here it is.

Excuse the messy pillows and cords. At least I made the beds for y'all!

Ya, I know... It's sad when the highlight of your week is that you got a new bed..

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