Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Beginnings

No, this won't be some long post about how much I freaking LOVEEEEEE Paul Mitchell, just a post about how we decided that me going back to school would be scary, but worth it. I am so excited. Going to start the whole process of school tomorrow!

Oh the joys of FASFA...

YAY for starting school in June.

Also, Reece starts his job tomorrow! We are really excited about that too! We pretty much have decided I will be doing school full time. Until then if someone offers me a job, I might take it.. and then just switch to nights at the job when I start school. I am not sure yet.  
Other then that, we are looking into apartments to move in to in Reno. 

It just seemed like everything was going to the pits a few weeks ago, and now.. I am just thankful for a faithful Creator. He had a plan this whole time. Even though I knew that, I just couldn't accept that. I couldn't accept that we lost our baby for a reason. 

Anyone going through a miscarriage, I just want you to know; IT DOES GET BETTER. 

It does. I still get sad sometimes when I see everyone with their belly bumps, thinking, "that could of been me." The thing is, it's not. This is where I am. I am about to start school. I am in a wonderful marriage, and about to be financially stable.


I've got the warm and fuzzies.. 
Oh, new header. I thought it would make things a little more personal up in here.
Roughly... a week and some odd hours till I am in the good ole Tejas!

 Love y'all!

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