Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Facebook wall cracks

I had this whole post in my head this morning about how stupid I think all this drama-for-your-mama crap on facebook is. Instead of posting a long thing, I will say a few things, and move on. As should every one else.

First of all, Just because you change your profile picture all of the sudden, it's not going to change a thing. The government will probably not care, and will make their decision anyway. I especially dislike how when things like this come around, people like freaking crawl out of the cracks in the walls, and all of the sudden they are activists/politicians. IT DRIVES ME UP THE WALL. In two weeks, they will all be back to normal, and people will get along again.

Second, Seriously if you are a non-believer in Christ, DO NOT QUOTE THE BIBLE AT ME IN YOUR ARGUMENT. Nothing makes me more firey.. You have no idea what you are talking about. Quote "Well, eating pork is a sin too, so let's make that illegal." Ugh.. Yes, in the Old Testament. There is a reason why we, Christians, call Jesus our SAVIOR. He saved us from our sin, and we no longer chase after it. So, while yes I believe gay marriage is sinful, I honestly don't mind if it's legal. Just because the government says its legal, doesn't mean God thinks it is.  Let the people do what they want! Once they get to heaven, in front of God, then He will be the one to judge. (Yes, I just kind of paraphrased Tosh.0)

So, the point is really.. Stop acting like a freaking activist when you aren't normally. Some of us "Christian" people don't even care if you want to get married. Just like you normally don't care if we believe in God.

AND Stop trying to quote at us the bible like you know it. Stop trying to use what we believe against us. It's not fair that you think you can dish it out onto us, and we just have to take it. We are people too... I don't go around saying bull crap about what you do or don't believe.  So, don't that to me.

Lastly, If you don't want to be oppressed, stop calling yourself oppressed.

Okay.. So, maybe it turned out a little bit longer than I thought..
Sorry, I really try not to get into stuff like this, but good grief.. I hate facebook for this very reason.

Go back to your normal life where you AREN'T starting drama on facebook with people who actually are trying to bring people together, not polarize them.


  1. I just laughed so hard these were my sentiment exactly. Tired of all the political debates, no one is debating over abuse babies, sex trafficking victims, the homeless, or people without clean water.

    1. I honestly had a way longer post in mind, but the morning run.. was a killer , and it wasn't worth it;)