Monday, March 25, 2013


I just wanted brag on how awesome Shutterfly is. I ordered my book that, mind you was already 20 percent off, and I had a gift card along with some free prints. It only took a week! I was so impressed on how they shipped it! They are probably THE first company that I have received the product in a impressive time range, AND I was so so happy with the products.

My book looks so nice, and clean. 
Here is the front,

and all the pages in the book look just as beautiful.
I thought it was awesome that they split my order because one was done before the other. So instead of waiting, they just sent it out. I got the next package the following day though.

They have great photos, but their prints really are great quality and I love them! Super cheap because they are always having deals. Like right now they have 9cent prints. 
Here's what I did with some of them.
I'm aware all my photos have this weird blue tint, but my camera on my phone just likes taking cool pictures.. haha get it.. cool.

Anyway, that's then end of my brag. I love shutterfly, and will definitely continue to order from them.

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