Wednesday, April 3, 2013

11:00 P.M in Tx

I am here. I landed around 5:10. Met my family at the baggage claim. Saw some friends. Everything is awesome

Except I have this horrible nagging feeling of how much I miss my husband. Is this pathetic?
I can deal with one day, knowing that I will see him at night, but one day without seeing him? Complete heartbreak. I am glad that I am going through this though.. I've realized the magnitude of my love for my husband. How he really is my best friend, and how I feel so whole around him. How he is the only one that really gets me.. 

I miss him. UGH.

I know this is potentially a dumb pathetic post, but you have to remember.. We haven't been apart since I moved to IL after we had a long distance relationship for awhile. 
So, this is difficult.

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  1. I dunno how I lost you on blog lovin but I am so glad I found you again. I am so sorry you miss your husband but absence does make the heard grow fonder. I have only been back with my husband for two weeks. After being apart for 2 months. It was rough stuff