Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's okay to feel.

I feel like I am just kicking out blog posts tonight, but I haven't really gotten the opportunity in a week to write. I definitely NEED to though.

First of all, why is it that everyone thinks that you have to "be okay" or "content" all the darn time? Honestly, I don't think the Lord gave us all these feelings and emotions to be just locked behind the cage of the "Okay" jail.

What if I am sad, anxious, angry, overly happy, overly this or that?
What if I am none of those things? Now am I suddenly not as much as a Christian as you are? Okay maybe that was a dramatic statement, but mostly.. am I now not "depending" on the Lord like you think I should?
I just, am getting to this point in my faith where I don't know if being "okay" all the time, is okay.

I sometimes just want to jump up in the middle of a crowd and yell, "IT'S OKAY TO FEEL! IT'S OKAY TO WANT TO EXPRESS YOURSELF!" (haha. You have no idea how close I have come to actually doing that.) I just so desperately want for people to just be honest. 

I mean, so what? You like to move a lot, and that makes you look like you can't be content in one spot. How about.. you just like to see new things! So what, you don't go to church. How about, you can't seem to find something that really fits, and maybe it feels like everyone is being fake every where you go. So what, that you air your dirty laundry on facebook? How about you are just a honest person, and are not ashamed that your life is imperfect  So what???? Ugh. I just want.. to read more blogs, more facebook updates that don't just picture the pretty. I want to read the UGLY! Come on people.. your life cannot be that pretty...

Is it just me then? Am I the only one with ugly? Cause you people seem like your life is filled with rainbows, sunshine, and unicorns with glitter.

Just saying. The situations in this blog post may or may not be from personal experience...*cough*

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