Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Future.

Oh how I love to hear my man's voice. Talking on the phone with him tonight really eased all my anxiety. 

Anyway, enough cheesy stuff. On to the awesomeness. We talked a little about our future, and how he might be changing his mind on what he wants to do. In all honesty, I kind of figured that would happen. NOT because he is a fickle man, but because he is a FAMILY man. I know he really wouldn't want to be away from home all the time and not see me/our future children.

So, I am kinda.. sorta...happy in a way. Even though I would support him either way.
As for me! My bestest gal pal, Abbe, and I started our own business! It's still kind of in the works, and is technically just a facebook page filled with our product for now. I am going to the court house here in her county tomorrow to get a DBA and then get our business account going. THEN, we will be starting up our etsy, and putting new product up.

Eventually, we want to get a website and do craft shows. That may be awhile though. Cool thing about our business is that its based out of TWO states, so you may get a package from CALI/TEXAS! COOL! Plus, everything we make can be customized.

click the picture to go to our facebook page! Let me know what you think! Honesty is good:)

Other than that, I cannot wait to see my husband Wednesday  Also, talking about everything with him makes me so excited for our future! I can feel awesome things about to happen!

ps. There should be a TX video up shortly. Probably by next week.

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