Friday, May 31, 2013

Moving yaaa!

I just wanted to let you fellow bloggers/readers, that I probably won't be posting much or at all for the next few days. I've been really sick lately, and we are moving next week!

I found those on pinterest, and I just thought they were really cute. Being sick and antsy to pack don't mix very well because those of you that know me in real life, know that I can't really sit still. I've also moved a lot since I was 17 on my own, so I know how to pack and get things done. Which causes a problem cause I want to pack everything now! If I did that, I'd be done in a few hours.

It also makes me not want to put up any laundry, vacuum, or any cleaning, because I am going to have to do that all over again in a week right?

On top of all that, I don't know how to be sick. People tell me to rest, but when I do all that all day.. I feel lazy and like a big piece of lard on the couch. I should really learn how to not push myself when I'm sick.

Anyway, Pictures will come soon:)


  1. I haaaaaaaate packing with a passion. I'm more of the throw it in a box & deal with it later type. Good luck with the move! xo

  2. I am also not a big fan of packing. Why can't everything just appear at the new place by its self? LOL
    Loving your blog, found you through another bloggers page & now stalking you through bloglovin. :)