Friday, May 3, 2013

Why the quitting shampoo didn't work for me.

So, I did a little experiment. Well, tried anyway. I was determined to not wash my hair for 30 days. Mostly because I had heard many good things about it. SO I ventured into a weird place...

AND I hated it. No matter how much I tried to stick it out and be okay with my nasty hair. I went pretty much 8 days without real shampoo on my head. The problem is, if you have hair like me, your hair gets easily tangled. Especially when wet. So, I have to put leave in conditioner, or I will  NOT be able to comb it out. Not only did the no shampoo make it harder to comb out, but my hair got way curlier, which was cool BUT I ended up with hair like this most of the time.
A huge mess that I would have to deal with every morning. Then by day 5 it started feeling like hay.. which I am sure was because of the build up in my hair from the conditioner. Overall.. I probably won't go full on no shampoo, but what I did learn is that I could go a week without it IF I don't use any product. Also, if I use a product that is SLS free, then I should be okay. Okay meaning, I'm not killing the environment or my hair by using it. So, there you go. If you have already fine, curly hair..going "no poo" ewww it might not work. Especially if you like to use products.


  1. You should try mudwash. Thats what I use I love it. Its by Terressentials.

  2. I did it for about 5 weeks and actually liked it. It wasn't perfect, I'm thinking I'll do it every once in a while to clean out my hair.