Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love Story:Part 7

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Ya, so I guess we moved quickly, but I wouldn't of had it any other way. Met in March, Engaged in June, Married in November.

Our wedding was small. If we could have had it smaller, we would have. It was simple, and we had comfort food for the reception. Basically, family, the Lord, and my husband.

I'm that girl that was obsessed with my cake. My best gal pal, Abbe, made it.

All in all, I love this man. Even if the wedding wasn't exactly what we pictured. I love him even when I hate him. I love him even when I'm nostaligic and being a dumb girl. I know HE is the one that I want to lay next to at night. He is the one that I want to experience life with. He really does make my life better. I am thankful for modern technology. I don't care what anyone says because it CAN work. If you are in a LDR that started over the internet, just know it isn't impossible. If you have questions, or need advice, I'll be here.  I love my man! Woo.. I am really glad I did this series, because I really realized how amazing my man is. I needed this.

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