Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Day

Okay so, maybe I am a little late, but come on' these photos are cool! Memorial Day was amazing because we ended up going down to Sacramento. Another place I have never been to!

Awww look at that cute family! We had so much fun. Strolling around Old Sacramento looking at all the buildings and little shops.

I had a ball taking pictures of all the cupcake things there because man, they had a lot of cupcake stuff! 

Then, we ended up in this AMAZING rock shop. Definitely my kind of place. I mean, rocks/crystals/shells were stacked up to the roof! Mr. Awesome was said, "Okay time to leave. This is feeding your addiction." So, I had to leave. Sadface.

And then we found this awesome wax lip thing at the candy shop, and thought it was hilarious. So naturally, we bought it. DUH.

After that we spent pretty much the remainder of the day at IKEA to get stuff for a new apartment! YAY!

It was a very awesome day spent with my awesome family.

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