Thursday, June 6, 2013

Insta lately

  • I absolutely love the new Arnold Palmer half and half. I mean, STRAWBERRY TEA & LEMONADE. How could you not love it? I generally grab one of these, or regular tea now instead of soda.
  • Selfie on a date that I felt really good. I felt like a real blogger too. Trying new fashion choices like ya!
  • Speaking of new things, I changed up my hair a bit. I love changing my hair up. Ya, maybe I should be a hair dresser.
  • I am a spoiled brat, and got a birthday present a month before my actual birthday. Gotta love $5 wine glasses!
  • New ombre hair! I absolutely love it, and it was very easy! 
  • New maxi skirt. The search is over! I found two maxi skirts at Rue 21. They are incredibly soft!
We are moving in two days! I can't wait to put everything together in our new apartment. Lots of new posts from that, andddd I am doing some fun things with other bloggers! Super excited for the future!

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