Monday, June 17, 2013

Not counting calories & other shenanigans learned on my weight loss journey

So, I hopped on the scale this morning. Something I typically do once a week before I go work out. Usually it teeter totters between 159-164, which is really annoying. This morning though, I was 158! I know what you're thinking, "Oh okay one pound. Big deal," but to the person saying that, go somewhere else with that. Cause on this blog, we are all about positivity!

So here is a progress photo for you. The first photo is from when I first started, and the second is now.

In the three months that I have been doing this whole weight loss thingy, I have learned a few things.
  • I don't count calories. Yes, you're probably like, "What the crap? That's not possible." It probably won't work for everyone, but for me if I count calories, I get way too wrapped up in it. It becomes more of a game of how many calories can I cram in there. In no way do I want to be counting calories for the rest of my life. So, instead I just say to myself, "I am hungry.. Hamburger? or delicious bowl of rice and broccoli?" Sometimes hamburger wins, but the point is.. that it doesn't always win.  To me, it's more of a lifestyle change of just eating healthier things then just counting calories, because admit it, counting calories is just not any fun. 
  • If I really crave something, I let myself have it. If I just absolutely need that piece of chocolate, I let myself have it right then and there. If I don't, I let myself have it later but multiplied by 2098498324893589. So, just let yourself have that one hershey kiss, because most likely you will end up eating maximum 3. or if you get the new air hershey kisses you can eat almost 11 before you're really doing any harm. Woop! Fat girl tip. 
  • I put my phone in a different room at night. "What? What does that have to do with anything??" Putting my phone somewhere else at night, helps me sleep. Which in return, helps me get up in the morning, and yup you guessed it, helps me have no excuse to not go the gym. No phone or bright screens> sleep> getting up> no excuse> exercise> PROGRESS. 
  • I only weigh myself once a week. IF that. Because that fat day, WILL bring you down.
  • I try to take a picture of myself (stomach, legs, arms, face) every week because the picture above I didn't think I would have any progress, but compared side by side.. there is no doubt. 
So okay, mostly five things, but hey! They are important things to me. Now I am off to get a protien burger at In and Out because I deserve it, and also because to get there I have to ride 1.5 miles on my bike. Win/Win.

Ps. I think this might actually be the longest post I have ever written....

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  1. I love this! Thank you for posting about your weightloss journey! I am trying to loose weight too and it can be so hard! I just (and FINALLY) ordered a new pair of running shoes, so I'm exicted about that!