Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Things to NOT do when you live in an apartment.

So, I've lived in apartments for about 3 years now, and I would have to say I've gathered enough information in that time to become an expert on what NOT to do when you live in an apartment. You know I am talking about you rowdy couple across the way.

  1. DON'T go running up and down the stairs and hallway past quiet hours. I don't care if you think since we are young, we should be wild and free. My husband goes to work every morning at 7A.M, and that means, I DO TOO. My husband may be able to sleep through all your crap, but this lady can't. Cool it.
  2.  DON'T let your dog poop and pee on your apartment balcony. You are lucky I don't live below you. I would of reported you already to A) the apartments or B) the ASPCA. It's not that hard to take your dog out. GET IT TOGETHER my friend.
  3. DON'T knock on your ceiling, my floor, to make me be quiet because honestly, I am never that loud. You on the other hand.. are.
  4. DON'T be a perv at the pool. I am not in the hot tub to try and attract you. I am most likely there because I want to relax, not hear you making weird sighing noises, and constantly splashing me by lifting your arms up to the side of the hot tub because you think it looks cool. ew. Don't make eyes at me either. 
  5. Speaking of the pool, DON'T be that guy who leaves his kids at the pool so you can go work out. You make everyone else feel responsible for them.
  6. DON'T play repetitive rap music on volume level 500. I will come find you.
  7. The last thing would have to be, DON'T be that person that whips around the corners in your car not even paying attention to if there is a human being in your way. You're scary, and we don't like you.


  1. These were hilarious and an unfortunate part of living in an apartment. This is only the second time I've ever lived in an apartments and I figured it would be a lot noiser than it is. We had really noisy upstairs neighbors but they moved thank God.

  2. HA! I know those rules all too well, but I live on the bottom floor so it's mostly cool. I have to watch the noise my son makes (and my nieces on the weekend). Been getting some pretty crappy (and single) neighbors lately and they don't understand children too well...