Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I posted a few days ago some of the crafty things I have been doing around the house.
One of them was my gallery wall. Since then I've added things!

I know it looks a bit wonky, but that's because our hallway is kind of off center. I took this photo at an angle. Anyway, I added the cross stitch "home is with you", the uke, the Cali/Texas painting, and two new pictures. I want to add things where the arrows are, but I am not sure what. Any thoughts?

I got around to finally make this! The pinspiration was a little different than mine. I couldn't leave the circle cardboard color! So I spray painted the cardboard and the clothes pins black. I like it much better! I got a bunch of my nature shots printed out via groovebook, (which is an awesome app where you get 100 photos for $2.99 a month) and I pinned them up. It looks awesome above my fireplace.

My next crafts are

via  I am going to sand down and paint my lazy susan with chalk board paint. I have no real function for this chalk board feature. The only reason I want to do it is because I have chalkboard paint and a lazy susan. So, why not?

via  And this! Because I have this awesome wine bottle that I have been dying to do something with. I kind of absolutely love this wood grain pattern. I have a feeling though I will procrastinate doing this because I really don't want to mess up my awesome wine bottle! Any tips on doing this? The tutorial doesn't really give any detailed way to do it.

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