Monday, August 19, 2013

My sweet lemon

My lemon,

You are 14 weeks...Wow, 14! Two weeks until Papa and I get to see your sweet face again. I can't believe you are already 3.5 inches long, and this week I can really feel you getting comfortable in there. I've felt so much pressure, and the only way I could explain it to Papa is that it feels like a balloon might; Stretched and being pushed on. It's strange, but I am so excited about these changes! I officially can't lay on my stomach like I used to sleep, and it is quite uncomfortable when I do try. I've been craving salad, Dr. Pepper, chicken nuggets, and grapes. Its weird thinking about the many cravings that I thought were here to stay are suddenly gone with the first trimester! Other then my physical changes, Papa got a new shift at work that gives him more hours. Such a blessing, and just in time for the winter season where things begin to slow down around here. Also, Papa and I have really committed to making some changes spiritually in our household. You, in just 14 weeks, have become the catalyst to our hearts being even more softened and focused on Christ. We desire so much to have a Godly home for you to grow up in, so we have started really working on growing TOGETHER in Him. Thank you my baby, for being who you are. You already are so so so special to us.


Ps. I bought a home Doppler so we can hear you. I honestly just hate having to wait a whole month to see if you're okay. It should be here in two days. I can't wait!

Announcement 12 weeks  / 13 weeks

Facebook Status 14 weeks; First week of my second trimester, no more sleeping on my tummy, Reece got a better shift at work, and lots of salad/ Dr. Pepper was consumed.

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  1. Be careful with those Dopplers. Sometimes its hard to find the heartbeat yourself, so don't freak out if you have trouble with it.