Thursday, August 29, 2013

New doctor

I got to see Baby H again on Tuesday. I was so thankful that I did have an OB appointment on that day because of course the ER trip did freak me out a little bit. The doctor did assure me everything would be okay, but you know how us pregnant women are. We are crazy!

Anyway, on to Baby H.

This was my first time at my new doctor, and I actually really love the whole staff and vibes in the office. She was super nice and took my feelings in to account when deciding to do an ultrasound or not. Which she did decide to do one for me.

Everything was perfect with Baby H. It measured out to be 16 weeks which is exactly where I am! Also it had a very strong heartbeat. The doctor asked me if I wanted to know what Baby H is, and I of course said yes! Unfortunately, the little booger closed its legs as soon as she went to look. The doctor told me that I would be having another ultrasound in the next few weeks where we definitely will find out what gender Baby H is. YAY!

We found out the due date, and it is...

In my family there are TONS of February birthdays, so Baby H is going to fit right in. Also, how cute would it be if Baby H was two days late, and born on Valentines day?
Also, I put together a collage of all my bump pictures, and wow it's crazy how much my bump has grown in just four weeks!
I am just feeling incredibly blessed right now to have a healthy pregnancy, and to see my baby growing consistently. I have even gained a few pounds! So here is to Baby H and being 16 weeks.

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