Friday, August 30, 2013

The blessings of a 21 year old

I am having one of those days where the world looks so BRIGHT. Where I can hardly contain my Joy. Well, I guess I can't contain it because I am talking about it now. I just can't even begin to understand how much Abba (I never use that word because it is so dear to me, but I... just am really feeling like He is my Father more and more) could love me. Love us...

I don't really talk about my husband and my finance's, which I shouldn't, but we were struggling. Especially because we decided to take insurance through my husband's work, which meant less money on every check. It was good because I am pregnant, and we needed insurance, but essentially it was like adding a new bill to the mix. 
Also, my husband and I hadn't been tithing. I mean consuming so much from the church, and giving NOTHING back. Finally, I had such a strong conviction about it which is crazy, because I have never had convictions about not tithing in my entire life. I brought it up to Mr. Awesome, and he agreed with me that he had felt the same conviction. So, the next Sunday we gave.

A BIG deal my friends. Slowly I have seen a change in our finances. My husband came home with a check today that made us feel that truly our Father was taking care of us. He was taking care of His future child that is growing inside of my womb. I am even teary eyed just thinking about how the Lord already cares and loves this baby so much more than I ever could.

I have realized that tithing wasn't a "give me your money thing". It was a "I just want your heart. I just want you to be in this because you love Me" thing. So even though we can't give much, God appreciates it just as much as someone that gives double what we give.  I feel like because of that, because of giving our hearts, Abba is taking care of us. He never forsakes us ever.

This is spreading into other parts of my life consistently with every day.
I am so blessed because... lets just do a bullet list because those are fun.

  • This child, and the Lord has/ is having a huge role in molding, creating, and loving Baby H.
  • My wonderful family. My blood, and the one I married into.

  • The sun... and weather. Even when I complain about the heat. I am just happy about how beautiful it is.
  • The person that the Lord is turning me into because I honestly.. cannot recognize the Haley from a year ago.
  • My husband... a thousand times over. I feel so blessed for him.

  • All the adventures & this journey I have been on... I have seen so much. Especially behind the wheel of a very special car. From mid west plains, Texas heat, Nor Cal mountains, Chicago, the deserts of Nevada, Snow, Las vegas lights. Just.. so many experiences in my short 21 years.
Basically, I could go on and on about how blessed I am, but this is already a really long post.

Have you ever had a experience where you had a conviction, followed through, and the Lord showed Himself in the situation? That He never leaves you in the dark?

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