Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Somewhat of a Weekend Recap/Photodump

Here is a photo dump of our time this weekend. So, I guess that kind of makes this a weekend recap on a Tuesday. Weird, because I normally never do weekend recaps. Mostly cause I am sure it would bore you to see target shopping trips, countless errands, and buffalo wild wings photos.
This particular weekend though, we headed West to the In-laws house to have some get away time because anyone that lives in the good ole city of Reno should always take time to get out.
We spent some time up at Lake Davis because it was an absolutely beautiful day, and we really wanted Iris to be able to just run and possibly jump in the water if she wanted to. She was able to, and she went crazy! She even jumped in the water but quickly jumped out because it was too cold. It was just really nice to see her in her element.
Other than that we just enjoyed the fresh air (air that doesn't reek of car exhaust and fried food), reminisced in the basement that we lived in for 6 months ( cant believe we stayed for so long and now we have been out of the house for almost 5 months!), and hung out with some awesome parents. Did I mention we drank malts? And that my mother in law makes the best? No? Well, she does, and Malts were consumed. This pregnant momma was happy!
mmm fall.

Iris going crazy.
I am not really sorry for not posting every day and slightly turning this space into a baby blog. (Insert tongue sticking out emoticon here.)
Also, we are getting our maternity photos taken this weekend! Look out for those.

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