Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Turkey day

This was my first year here on the West Coast to spend Thanksgiving, and Mr. Awesome's family does it a bit different. We actually went to a casino! They had a huge buffet, and it was actually pretty nice compared to last year. Last year Reece and I spent Thanksgiving pretty much alone. I won't ever forget it though!

They had sooo much food. I mean huge buffet lines full of amazing thanksgiving goodness. This pregnant lady was in heaven! They even had a whole separate table full of little mini desserts, and of course I couldn't just try one. I ate so much I had a food baby and a real baby. I am pretty sure Jude was okay with it though because he was going wild after dinner. 

Overall, it was really good to be with my family and yummy food. Especially the yummy food. Now onto Christimas! Yippee!!

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