Monday, December 2, 2013

29 weeks

Hey there baby,

Man momma was really fighting a head cold this week. I'm glad it didn't affect you one bit. You were just movin' your little booty all over the place! It is absolutely adorable. I love being able to watch you move, and I love just looking at my tummy in general even with all the stretch marks.
To add onto the head cold, this week was just plain long! Thursday we got together with the rest of the family, and had a huge thanksgiving dinner. I am pretty sure you loved it because you went absolutely wild afterwards! To add onto the family time we went Christmas tree cutting on Friday, and man it was beautiful. You have really been some amazing places, and you didn't even know it. Although, by the end of the trip, you were sitting right on my hips which made me really ready to go. The rocky road back down didn't help much. I felt bad for you because I felt like you were being tossed around in there. Since we got our tree this week, we went ahead and decorated too! It makes me so excited for next year when you are here to make this holiday even brighter.

I am so amazed how quickly this pregnancy is going by! We are almost 30 weeks! Keep growing baby.

I love you

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Facebook status Week 29; Holy cow! Tomorrow I am 30 weeks! It amazes me how fast this pregnancy has gone by. Like I said last week, Jude doesn't really look like he is growing out rather than up to me. I can definitely feel him. I always go to video him moving around, but he is a little booger and stops every time I start recording. This week was full of food and holiday spirit, and I really am thankful to be pregnant during this time. I will always remember this time!

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