Friday, December 27, 2013

Violet Vox Box

This was the first thing I tried out of the box, and I was so excited because my one and only headband like this was old and ratty. Not to mention, the dog chewed up a bit. Pretty much ruined. Anyway, I immediately put this on and started cleaning the apartment. The whole time it stayed on, which is amazing because I have a big head, and normally headbands like this slip off in the first ten minutes I wear it. It's also reversible which I thought was really cool! I prefer the black and pink side because I am not really a pink kind of gal.
I am not a big nail polish person, so I actually didn't try this out. From what I hear though, this stuff is pretty good.
  1. SoyJoy Bar  $0.99
This stuff is Whole soy, gluten free, 0g trans fat, and has real fruit. I was a bit worried I wouldn't like the texture. For some reason I thought it might have some type of grainy (like sugar) texture. It doesn't at all! It was pretty good, but I can't eat a whole bar.. Kind of like when you think Vienna sausages sound good, and the first one you eat is good. Then you try finishing them and all the rest are gross. Know what I mean? I guess I was just kind of over the bar before I finished it. Maybe because I got the banana flavor, and I am not big on banana flavored things?

This brush is supposed to help your hair dry faster or something of that nature just by brushing it while wet, and honestly it didn't really do anything for me. I felt like it was the same as my usual brush except with really hard bristles that hurt my head. I probably would never buy this, and if I did, I'd probably return it. It was kind of a waste. It made me sad too because I was kind of looking forward to using it! Boooo!

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