Tuesday, December 31, 2013

33 weeks

I started this week off sick as a dog! Still.
Every time I sneeze or blow my nose, you would move like I had woken you up. I am so sorry for that baby! Despite being sick, I really did try to get some things done. Mostly squaring away finances and things that need to be done before you are born. I got an appointment set up with your pediatrician! It's slightly nerve wrecking doing that because it just makes it that much more real. I could possibly see your face in 5 weeks! WHATTT?!? One day you will know this nervousness and un realness of having your first child. You will understand the feeling I went through when each week passed. I am unbelievably nervous and anxious at the same time. I often think about what kind of mother I will be to you, and what kind of baby you will be. Who you will grow up to be. All those day dream- like thoughts.

Christmas Eve (Tuesday) was such a bad day. There was so many things that happened, mostly financially, but I won't get into it. I will just say that I am so thankful for you, my little bean, Papa, Iris, and Gemma. Without ya'll, I would not have made it through the day.  My little family keeps me going.

Christmas day was a whole lot better. We woke up quite early to get ready to hop the border to California. It's always a treat to drive there and see the mountains covered in snow. One day you will be able to marvel in the sights just like Papa and I do. I hope you love the mountains just as much. When we arrived we ate lots of food (which you enjoyed) and opened presents. You even got some presents. The best one was a little stuffed fox that grandma found! I was very excited because we don't have any of those for you yet. After all the presents were opened, Grandad played your song for you. You of course were moving and grooving in there. I think it's absolutely awesome that you even like that song.

The end of the week was quiet. I will admit that I was thankful for the quiet because everything has seemed non stop this week. I can feel you dropping though, so  I guess that means you are preparing your way into this world. 4-7 weeks left baby!


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Facebook status Week 33; We got through the Christmas holidays! I believe next year will be even better because I won't be constantly uncomfortable, and we will have our little mister with us! Jude has dropped, and I can really feel him because he likes to sit right on top of my pelvic bone. Woo! This new development in the pregnancy has made me realize just how close we are to the end. Thus, making me want to take the holiday decorations down now (which is so unlike me) and get everything cleaned and ready to go now! 4-7 more weeks!

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