Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby shower 2

I was very blessed to have another baby shower thrown for mister Jude by some family friends.
This one of course was held in California, and like usual we hopped the border to Cali. (One of my favorite drives.) Everything was fox/woodland themed, and I was in absolutely heaven with all the cute owl and fox things.

I obviously am looking like a whale nowadays and bending over is quite the hassle. I managed though as you can tell. Mom (Jude's grandma) got us some Giants gear, because Jude obviously has to become a Giants fan. Duh.
Overall, it was perfect. All the little foxes were absolutely adorable, and the colors were perfect! We had finger foods to eat with perfect little carrot cake balls. Also, there was perfect company which made for great laughs and conversation. Now... to have this baby. Again, this post was scheduled to happen before I knew Jude would be coming so early:)

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