Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I scheduled this post out not knowing I would have Jude so soon. I still love it, so I still want to post it. 

My son has overwhelmed my life. In a good way. He is the only thing I really talk about or even think about for that matter. I am completely consumed with the love I have for him. I cannot wait to actually see him. Soon I will able to see if he has my round eyes and his papa's nose. If he has blonde hair and if it's wavy like mine. Soon I will hold him in my arms and be able to kiss his little hands and face. Soon I will sing to him his song in hopes that it will soothe him or even get a sweet smile out of him. I love a person that I have yet to meet in the biggest way you could love someone, and that is what amazes me the most. Even just one day seems way too long to wait on holding him, but it will be worth my wait. I know it.

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