Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Months

My little boy,
You are so precious. This month was so much of a roller coaster for us. Frustrating and Happy. It was also full of firsts.
-You sat up in your Bumbo/Boppy for the first time.
-Started to smile and giggle. When you smile it literally melts all my blues and frustration away. It's possibly my favorite development this month.
-You are now 11lbs and 22inches. Growing like crazy!
-At night you are generally sleeping from 10-3 or 4. We nurse, go back to sleep, and then wake back up around the time Papa leaves for work (6:30)
-You've been sleeping in your own bed with no fuss!
-You love your swing. I mean.. you will stay in that thing content for five hours.
-Volbeat is still your favorite band. I play it almost 10 times a day sometimes.
-Some of your newborn clothes don't fit anymore... boo..
-Bath time is easily your favorite part of our bed time routine
In general you are just becoming more and more your own person, and its absolutely the scariest and best thing about parenting. I love snuggling you in the morning and listening to randomly giggle and coo. Those times in the morning make me slow down and just enjoy you in this moment. I forget to do that sometimes and when you start to make all those heartwarming faces and little sounds, you remind me to slow down.
Please don't ever change that sweetness of yours.
I love you, and I hope to always remember these moments.

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