Monday, June 23, 2014

1 year down

I am sad to leave this place. I am looking around my 650 square feet apartment that I was/am so ready to bust out of, boxes piled high and bare walls with so much sadness. Maybe not "sadness" but I already can feel the nostalgia coming on. I remember telling Reece I was pregnant here, and harboring that secret from everyone for what seemed ages. I remembering bringing home our second member of the family, Iris to the bathroom where she howled all night, and to my dismay would pee all over and then sleep on the pee pad. The kitchen will always be the first kitchen where I spent countless hours preparing new recipes and learning how to cook. Our living room filled to the brim with thrifted, gifted, and/or handmade furniture, where we spent a lot of our time. Especially when I was pregnant, laying around on the couch trying not to throw up. (haha) So much laughter, talking, even crying in that living room. The porch where my husband and I spent long hours together either talking and drinking together, or even working on our countless projects.

The best part of this place, is this is where we brought home Jude. He's grown up 5 whole months here, and it may not seem like much, but man if walls could talk. We became a family here. This apartment is where we started to learn how to be parents, what unconditional love was like. The endless nights of nursing, diaper changes, emotional break downs over how beautiful our son is. This is the place he had so many firsts. I will never forget this year here. It makes me a bit uncomfortable to think once we leave here, this place will be re-painted, re-carpeted, and have new people like this place was never ours.

I was so worried I would never be able to call a place home, and then a year later I suddenly had one. Onto the next chapter. 

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