Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 months!

(He wouldn't straighten his legs at all for these pictures,
but this photo pretty much describes this month anyway.)

I am almost speechless that you are 5 months. As I write this, I just can't believe this time has happened so quickly. I feel like you were just having a hard time holding your head up on your own, I blinked, and now you are sitting up by yourself with little assistance. My baby boy, ugh.

This month had a lot of happenings going on such as:
  • We started solids for lunch, and we found out your favorites are bananas and carrots. Naturally, right?
  • You started to sit up by yourself, with little assistance from mommy.
  • You began really babbling up a storm nowadays too.
  • Toys are now your thing. Last month you became a little interested in them, but now you can play on your play may and be content.
  • You like your feet... in your mouth. A lot.
  • You almost got the whole rolling from back to tummy thing down. You always get your legs to where they need to be, but rolling that shoulder is proving to be difficult. You get so ticked when you can't do it.
  • When you are on your tummy, all you want to do is go forward, but you don't know how yet. That makes you mad too. (I am afraid you have your mother's determination and stubbornness)
  • We have a pretty strict schedule that you made all on your own, so we are going with it.
  • You are tracking a lot now lately and really understanding your environments.
One more month and you will be half a year. That's so crazy! I love you little boy.

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